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Removal companies vs. man and van services

26 May Posted in Family

Moving home might be exciting, but the process is anything but simple. When you decide to settle somewhere else, even if your new home is in the same town or region, you have to go through some stressful days before getting to relax. Relocation can be very tedious and your friends, neighbours and relatives might not always be willing to help you. Fortunately, professional companies can help you, but you have to choose one of two options. First, there are Fareham removal companies. Second, there is the man and van service. Although many people think they are one of the same thing, they’re not. They cater for different needs, charge different fees and provide specific services. Here’s how to make the difference between the two.

Removal companies – the choice for advanced requirements


Removal companies have more staff and larger vehicles, assisting homeowners in moving larger volumes of furniture and appliances. Therefore, if you are moving from a big house and have a lot of things to carry, then they are the perfect choice. Since these companies are dealing with advanced requirements, they are fully prepared to deal with sensitive objects and arrive at your home with special boxes that can withstand more weight. They have larger vehicles, so as to fit massive wood furniture, antiques or pianos. Consequently, they will come with more staff, which raises the price. This is the option that commercial clients also go for when moving their offices and you should choose it as well if you are relocating from a large house and have many objects with great financial or sentimental value.


Man and Van services – perfect for basic needs


Man and van services do what removal companies do, but at a much smaller scale. They have smaller vehicles (vans), which they can only use to transport small to medium sized objects. Sometimes, man and van companies are tied to a geographical location. For example, large trucks cannot fit on the tiny cobblestone streets of small towns, so man and van is the only option. If you are a student who is moving out, then a removal company would be too much and it’s more practical and affordable to hire a man and van. This option also works when you want to transport only some objects. However, keep in mind that the staff will not provide boxes or special equipment. This means that the service is cheaper.


As you can see, there are notable differences between the two, so make sure you remember them when moving out. This process can be a bit stressful, but by working with the right company, you can make it simpler and more pleasant. Last, but not least, no matter whom you choose, make sure you check their reliability. The company you work it has to guarantee the safety and integrity of the transported objects and provide exactly the advertised services.

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