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Senior Home Improvement Ideas

09 May Posted in Home Interior

As a person ages, their body and mind suffer changes and many abilities start to degrade as seniors lose vision, hearing, memory or muscle strength. They become more sensitive and prone to accidents, therefore they require special attention and certain improvements in their houses so that they can live a safe and comfortable life. These improvements offer seniors a feeling of independence and self-sufficiency, keeping them from thinking they are helpless and useless.

Safety is very important

Old people are more likely to lose balance and tend to slip and trip over things, therefore any possible cause for accidents should be removed from their way.  Move any low-lying items and electrical cables away from walking paths, opt for large carpets that don’t slide and even glue them to the floor, make sure there are no water leaks in the bathroom or kitchen and place non slipping mats near the bath tub and sink. Make sure every useful item is reachable and handy, so that they don’t need to stretch or use step stools in order to reach something.

Help seniors move easier and safer

For seniors with challenged mobility you should install handrails around the house, especially in the bathroom near the toilet seat or the bath tub, in order to help them lean over the seat or get in and out of the tub easier and safer. For those who have trouble climbing stairs, the stair lift is the perfect help. The stair lift is attached to the stair rail and uses a platform or a chair to move disabled people from one floor to another, so that they don’t risk tripping and falling from the stairs. With the help of the stair lift, seniors can easily move from floor to floor without any additional help. If you don’t know which stair lift to choose, we advise you to read the best bruno stair lift reviews. There are many other stair lift brands out there but Bruno is by far the most trustworthy brand which is why you should focus on the best bruno stair lift reviews.

The electric mobility scooter is also of great help for elderly people who can’t walk, due to the fact that it allows them to go to the market and do their own shopping and it offers them freedom to go visit a friend or simply move around their yard. Therefore, if your elderly family members are having trouble moving on their own or they get tired very fast, consider getting them an electric mobility scooter.

Let there be much light in a senior’s house

Lighting is very important around a senior’s house, in order to improve their poor vision and avoid accidents. You should consider installing them as many lamps as possible and sensor light switches that are easier to turn on. Sensor lighting is ideal for outside the house, so that old people can see their way through the yard.

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