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Sewing machines are back in business

05 Oct Posted in Family

Nowadays fashion is on everybody’s lips, from children to adults, and when speaking about fashion, almost everyone thinks of clothes. It is a must to have beautiful clothes, and unique items became the trend in fashion designing. But, some of these unique items provided by the designer are too expensive and most people can’t afford to buy such things. There is an alternative of buying expensive clothes, to sew your own items and copy some of the well-known designs straight from the runway. All you need to do is to buy a sewing machine and you can find some useful reviews if you visit


Choose the best sewing machine for you

If you are looking for a sewing machine to help you create unique clothes, then the best option for you may be Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro Sewing Machine. This one can help you create dresses like the ones you saw at New York Fashion Week, or broidery shirts. You can create your own wardrobe without buying expensive items or paying a professional to have it done for you. This sewing machine makes sewing an experience, because its tools help the user feel like he is doing a piece of art. This Pfaff has 693 decorative stitches and gives the tailor the possibility to combine stitches and colours. You can add a plus of beauty to your clothes by sewing ribbon stitches, because Pfaff has these special stitches that can be used. It can sew natural fabrics, fine fabrics, knits, synthetic fabrics or leather. As its name says, it makes part from the creative line, but it is 30% faster than the other models. It permits the tailor to experiment with adding special shapes of embroidery to the items he creates. The designs already existent in the sewing machine’s memory are categorized in quilt designs, machine designs and mini designs.


Pfaff creative sensation technology

It has just a few buttons because it was designed as a sensor touch sewing machine, and its functions permit the user to select the presser foot, the position of the needle, and to check if the right function was selected, by simply looking where the green light appears. One of the features available only on Pfaff machines is the IDT™ system, which ensures the seam on the fabrics. It helps the tailor working with multiple layers or sewing denim. It has a 180° view angle, which gives the tailor the possibility of sewing in multiple angles. It also has touch screen and ActivStitch Technology. The second one gives the user a high precision in making embroidery and the possibility of using metallic threads.


This modern sewing machine is not recommended for beginners, because of its sensitive components, and there are several steps to be followed in choosing the right stitch. Before purchasing this type of sewing machine the buyer has to take some sewing classes and learn how to work with this type of technology. This Pfaff it smoothly combines traditional sewing with technology and it has as a plus the ribbon stitches for the sashes lovers.


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