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Smart ways to skillfully hang paintings in the bedroom

09 Mar Posted in Home Interior

Take a look at your bedroom. You can decorate it better than that. You only have to shop for the right paintings. People love paintings, but they avoid purchasing them, because they do not know how to place them in the design of the room. They are simply afraid that they will ruin the look of the room, when they hang the picture. But you should not do this mistake, and leave the walls of your bedroom blank, you should shop for paintings of flowers, because they have that warmth that makes a bedroom a comfortable space to relax, when coming home from work. It is quite easy to buy pictures and paintings, but when you stand in front of the hammer and you try to decide where to place it, you simply would prefer to let a specialist tell you. Let’s take it a step at the time and you will see how it all becomes clear to you.

What paintings should you hang above your bed?

When it comes to hanging paintings in the bedroom, you might think of placing one above your bed. But in this situation the model of the painting is important, because it has to be one which brings you positive thoughts and inspires you to get up from bed in the morning. So you should choose one which shares things you like and which brings you a sense or serenity and calm. For example, you can transform a photo to painting, because every one of us has that picture which makes us smile simply when looking at it. In case you do not have one, you should try a landscape, a print of nature, a black and white image or even an abstract painting.

The size is important

It is important to create balance between the artwork you hang above your bed and the headboard. So you should choose a painting which is at least 2/3 of its length. It does not matter its shape, and you can be creative, because you can find on the market vertical, square, oval or even round pictures. Therefore, you are the one who decides which option suits better your bedroom.

Where should I hang the painting?

A general rule states that you should hang your painting at 8″ or 10 ” above the headboard. In case you want to hang it higher, you should know that it would look like it is floating above your bed, and the purpose is to make it look connected to the headboard.

Pay attention to these pieces of advice

You should know that safety is the key when you hang a heavy piece of art above your bed. You should make sure that the painting is fastened securely. To secure the painting properly, you should use 2 picture hooks or wall anchors. To keep the piece of art straight and in place, you should place anchor pints on its bottom corners. Follow these tips and you will be delighted by the way your bedroom looks.