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Specialised help for tax rebates: UK non-residents

02 Oct Posted in Family

As a foreign worker in UK, you must know that you are probably paying taxes in both UK and your native country. In order to make your expenses more bearable, you should know there are ways you could get part of your taxes back. As an individual working and living in UK, some of the money you earn goes to Government bodies. However, there are specialized agencies that can help you in tax rebate matters and most of them do not even charge before you have the tax money back into your bank account. A few factors influence the status of your taxes and the process. However, we are going to clarify them for you.

Only your earnings in UK is taxable as a non-resident

UK residents have their worldwide earnings taxed by the Government. Non-residents, on the other hand, fall under the tax law with only the money they make on UK territory. Therefore, if you have an apartment in your home country, income from a possible rent will not be taxed here, for example. As a non-resident, you can claim for tax refund, in order to make sure all your expenses will be covered.

Why should non-residents seek professional help in tax rebate matters?

The answer is a simple one. As a non-resident, you are not aware of the tax law applicable, as well as the practices in the field. Therefore, if you proceed to handle the process by yourself, you might find it difficult from the start to correctly fill in all the necessary documents. Moreover, a process this complicated handled by yourself might be longer than if you would hire professional. With professional services, you might have your tax back in about 8 weeks, on average. The process is a more complicated for non-residents, because they are not able to use the online tool for tax refunds, as residents can. The tax refund requests must be submitted by 31 January every year. Therefore, you cannot delay the process by filling the papers by yourself. Let professionals do that for you and save some time and money. As we previously mentioned, they only charge after you receive your money into your bank account. Moreover, their services are not pricey and everybody can afford to hire their services.

The process is easier with specialists

All you have to do is to get in touch with such an agency, have a small chat with one of their employees and provide them with all the necessary documents. This way, they will be able to fill all the paperwork in a timely manner, so you can have you money back fast.

We know how important is for non-residents working and living in UK to save some money. This money can be wisely invested to improve your flat or maybe buy appliances. Moreover, fight tickets are quite expensive and you could use your tax rebate money to visit your relatives in your home country next time. Regardless of the way you are going to spend it, you should always hire an agency and claim your tax refund in UK.


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