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Storage & organisation tricks for your student bedroom

27 Apr Posted in Family


Every student who goes off to college worries that their accommodation will not be sufficiently big for their needs. Because renting a flat that is spacious enough will be extremely expensive, you should maintain your desires realistic. Regardless of the dimensions of your student accommodation, you can still organise your belongings in an efficient and space-saving way. When it comes to student accommodation Leicester, there are many great options at affordable prices, so choose wisely. If you are confronted with space problems, here are a few storage and organising tricks you can use.

Class bins

As a college student, you will probably need many books and academic materials, and if you want to avoid having a messy room, then you should come up with a smart organising idea. You can use a few plastic bins to categorize your notebooks and other class materials by subject. Buy some plastic bins that you can easily find at a local supermarket, and using a market or colourful post-its categorize each bin by class. This way, you will have a divided storage unit at your disposal, and you can keep all of your academic materials carefully stored in one place. You will never forget your books or notes when you go to class, and your room will never look unorganised.

DIY multi-layer hangers

The closet space provided by common student houses is usually extremely limited, and this might be a problem, especially for girls. Because you probably do not have the budget necessary to purchase those multi-layer hangers advertised on TV, you can use your crafty skills and create some yourself. All you need are some simple hangers, which you probably already have in your closet and as many soda-pop tabs as you can find. Now, using only one contraption, you can hang more clothing items, which will help you save a lot of closet space. It is easy and convenient.

Closet rack

The first mistake many of us make is not using the space at the bottom of the closet. Well, when you are living in a shared student housing, you cannot afford wasting any space. Buy a small shelf or shoe rack, that can fit in the closet and store any accessories, shoes or other small items you might have laying around the room. If you do not want to spend money on a rack, you can use some plastic baskets for the same purpose, which are far more affordable.

Hanging organisers

Hanging-organisers are extremely useful for college dorms or student bedrooms. You can buy one at a local shop or you can design them yourself if you are a DIY enthusiast. You can hang it almost anywhere, including your bedframe or the back of a chair

As you can see, there are many ingenious ways you can maximize the storage capacity of a small bedroom. Because as a student, you probably have many different items to store and organise, you should think about using these tricks and take full advantage of the limited bedroom space.

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