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Stunning Appliances For a Minimalist Kitchen Design

28 May Posted in Home Interior, Kitchen

Interior design trends for 2014 have brought a drastic change in the decoration of kitchens. The Minimalist kitchen design has started to replace traditional, rustic designs. People have become more and more attracted to this design in order to get better space organization and remove useless details so that their kitchen can become more practical and functional. This style of kitchen design incorporates the latest stainless steel appliances, black and white contrast and Japanese accents.
The kitchens designed in this style are perfect for people that don’t have much space and want order and simplicity. The materials that are mostly used are wood, natural stone, stainless steel and glass. Regarding the colors used in a minimalist kitchen design, white, gray and beige are the most popular. Furniture in dark shades looks elegant on white or beige backgrounds and in a predominantly light area you can use a strong shade of red or green to give some personality to your kitchen.
Light also plays an important role in a minimalist ensemble. Because there are not many elements to draw attention, the geometric shapes are highlighted by using spots lights, chandeliers and floor lamps, and by using as few other shapes and colors as possible.

“Less is more”.

This is the concept underlying minimalism. Thus, to create a minimalist ambiance, choose straight lines, completely closed kitchen cabinets, without shelves in sight, preferably black or white, a trend that should be included in the entire room. The doors and drawers have no handles and are equipped with pressing opening and closing system.

Create a relaxed space

The main purpose of this design is to create visual clearance, to enlarge space using big glass cabinet doors , and reducing the decorations in order to obtain an area easy to maintain. The Minimalist kitchen design requires hiding the appliances, incorporating them in the furniture so that fewer objects remain in sight. Designers embed sinks and cooking stoves inside countertops, and try to mask even the refrigerator or microwave behind the furniture’s big doors. And speaking of sinks, modern kitchens have, without a doubt, automatic faucet models with motion sensors.

Enjoy the technology

Such a kitchen is equipped with all kind of appliances, from toaster to juicer and dishwasher. Having the best appliances is not a matter of luxury but a matter of convenience. If you want to save time and money, read some reviews from The dishwasher is one of those appliances that can actually help you save time. As such, you need to put some though into finding the best one.

As for the fridge, which is the largest appliance in the kitchen, its design is very important, but so are its features. If you take a look at the best 2015 refrigerators, you will see that the refrigerating industry has gone a long way from its humble beginnings. The best 2015 refrigerators feature modern designs with glossy finishes, and their features will leave you breathless. Did you ever think that it could be possible for a fridge to send you texts reminding you that you are running out of eggs or that your milk has gone bad. Well, these crazy concepts are a reality nowadays so you might want to retire your old, rusty fridge and replace it with a newer model.

Another essential kitchen appliance, the microwave oven must also be chosen with care. Read the latest 2015 top microwave reviews and choose a state of the art oven with innovative technologies. Since design also matters, opt for a drawer microwave which will match the overall minimalist decor. According to the most recent 2015 top microwave reviews, drawer microwaves are quite expensive, yet their big price is not a reflection of their design, as it is proportionate to their features and their efficiency.

As far as a practical design goes, durable utensils, crystal glasses and plates in simple straight lines are used to create a useful and clear space. A salt and pepper container with metal glow is ideal for a minimalist kitchen design. Minimalist kitchens are elegant and sophisticated They combine technology, beauty and utility to obtain an organized, relaxed and comfortable space.

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