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Stylish Infrared Heaters for Different Interior Design Styles

11 Jan Posted in Home Interior

Fashion and trends have started to have more influence in our lives than they had before, interfering not only with our wardrobe, but also with our houses. People search for devices and appliances that combine utility and beautiful designs. Whether we speak about kitchen utensils, hi-tech devices or heating systems, their shapes have evolved a lot and they can now also serve decorative purposes for different interior design styles.
No matter what interior design you prefer, a heating system is compulsory in a house and if you can find one that is both useful and decorative, you can consider yourself more than satisfied. Here are some of the most stylish infrared heaters, that not only rise the temperature in our houses, but can also serve as pieces of decoration:

Designer infrared heaters

These heaters look more like paintings and you can hang one on your wall in the living room or bedroom. You can personalize their image with your favorite landscape, photos of you, or scenes from your favorite movie. They are available with or without a frame, so you can match them with different interior design styles, such as modern, minimalist or traditional.

Fireplace illusion

Different interior design styles allow different types of furniture and decorations. If you choose to decorate your house in a rustic way, then a fireplace should fit perfectly in your living room. You can select from many fireplace shaped infrared heaters that give you the feeling that you are standing in front of a real fire and feel its warmth. One of its advantages is the fact that it is portable and does not require complicated plumbing like wood fireplaces.

Mirror heaters

These heaters are the most versatile, because you can place them almost everywhere. In the bathroom you will have a mirror with no steam on it, and in the lobby or bedroom the mirror will stylishly hide the heater. You can choose this type of heater for different interior design styles, whether we are talking about modern, sophisticated interiors, or classic decor. You can easily clean them like any regular mirror, but make sure you do it when the device is off.

Marble heaters

This type of heater is perfect for your bathroom or kitchen, where you have marble countertops and floors that can match its design. It is perfect for modern designs, where you use marble and granite and it is very easy to maintain.

If you wish to discover more about the pros and cons of various types of infrared heaters, you should check out the website. This is an infrared heater review website that tackles pros and cons of the most popular heaters on the market.

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