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The Advantages of Using a Tower Fan for Cooling Your House

04 Apr Posted in Home Interior

When it comes to cooling your house during the summer, you should try to find a device that doesn’t consume a lot of energy so that you can make some money savings at the end of the month. In addition, choose a ventilation device that doesn’t take a lot of space in your room. Our best recommendation would be to opt for a tower fan, because these devices are both energy efficient and practical. If you are not yet convinced, here’s a list of the main advantages of opting for a tower fan.

It’s energy efficient

Compared to other devices that are designed to cool your house, the tower fan uses less energy because it pushes air outward, without actually cooling it. If you were using an AC instead, you would have tripled energy costs, because these systems use several process to cool the air and although they are more efficient at cooling a large room, they cost a lot more to maintain and run. So, if you planning to preserve the environment and reduce energy costs, a tower fan would seem like the best solution there is.


This next advantage is strongly related to the first one, simply because, as we already mentioned, in order to lower your energy bills, you should opt for a tower fan because it uses a small amount of energy to function. Another thing that should be worth mentioning here is the fact that tower fans are generally very cheap. You can even find a good-quality tower fan at $50, but if you are trying to find a fan that comes with many convenient features, such as an auto-shut off feature, a programmable timer and many more, be prepared to pay more than $400. The highest rated Dyson fans can cost even more, but they are worth the money because they can be as efficient as an A.C. unit and some of them even have a heating feature, so they can be used both in the summer and the winter.

Tower fans are safe to use

Nowadays, fans come with a variety of features that are designed to cool your house, without endangering your health. These devices come with no health concerns so they are entirely safe to use.


When choosing a tower fan, you should take into consideration this aspect because it’s a lifetime investment after all, so you will want to choose a device that is convenient and practical as well. Generally speaking, tower fans are small and compact appliances, so they don’t occupy a large surface in your room. Moreover, they have stylish and modern designs. The highest rated Dyson fans,. for example, have futuristic designs which would complement any minimalist home decor. Besides, one of the main advantages of owning a tower fan is the fact that you can choose to place in another room whenever you want. For instance, you can use it during the day in the living room and during the night in the bedroom.

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