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The application process for health insurance in France described step-by-step

13 Jun Posted in Family

France managed to gain worldwide recognition in many industries, from wine to everything cuisine-related, fashion and even healthcare. Many people are of the opinion that healthcare system in France is among the best ones in the world, because it is secure and safe, easy to go through and to understand, and patients benefit from top quality results, whether they are French or foreigners living in France. However, in order to obtain medical insurance in France, it is essential you follow each step of the application process that is also described below.


First stop – social security system

You cannot start this “journey” without paying a visit to the closest CPAM Seine Saint Denis (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie) and to enter France’s social security system. This is the first step that will bring you closer to obtaining your healthcare insurance. Keep in mind that if you are working in France, it is your employer that has the duty to register you with social security and to facilitate healthcare formalities. There are situations though when the employer does not want to take up this duty, which means that the employee is the one who has to apply for “securite sociale”.

Next stop – the application form

Once you have the certainty you qualify for obtaining healthcare insurance, you have to fill in the application form and submit it to the closest CPAM personally or send it by post. You should know that the verification process may take up to several days, or sometimes a few weeks, so do not get desperate if you do not receive an answer in a few days only. The CPAM has to assess your health rights, to establish whether or not there are any contributions you have to pay when it comes to healthcare costs and so on.

During this time, verify your documents

You will be waiting sometime for your answer, but once you get the approval, the entire process will speed up. This means that you have to be prepared for this step and the most important thing to do while you wait is to ensure you have all documents and papers you need. From proof of legal residence in France and proof of identity such as passport or visa, to marriage certificate, birth certificate, utility bills, bank details, all of them must be ready for when the answer from the CPAM arrives. This way you will save plenty of time.

Final stop – learn how to use your Carte Vitale

So your health insurance has been approved and activated. Well, the process is not over yet, because you have one more thing to ask from the French healthcare system – your Carte Vitale. This is the national insurance card utilized within France by everyone who requests healthcare services. Do some research on the Internet and learn how and when to use this card and what are the advantages of having one.

If you believe these steps put too much pressure on your shoulders and you simply feel overwhelmed by the situation, keep in mind that you can always ask for professional help and guidance.