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The beauty of variety: decorating the bathroom differently

16 May Posted in Home Interior


When redecorating the bathroom, you really need to think in terms of functionality and design. You cannot give up on each of them. It might sound a bit difficult to accomplish this goal. But with proper help, materials, taken right out of the best bathroom showrooms in Sheffield and of course creativity, there will be nothing stopping you. However, you need a place to start, that moment zero, when you have still not made up your mind and are still looking for inspiration. Now, trends really come in handy. So, why not talk about them for a bit? It might be a good idea to study these trends and perhaps you will find the much needed inspirations.

Bring colour in

For one reason or another, people have stopped using colour when it comes to the bathroom design. There was a time when colour was found in every corner of a house. It may be time to bring it back. Bring colour back and you will not regret it. This space will seem bigger and a lot more elegant refined. So, if possible, purchase colourful tiles and plant them on the walls and floor and even the bath tub. Colour does great for the mind and soul and of course for the overall design of your home. Plus, this year interior designers encourage all those who are renovating their home to use as much colour as they can within their homes.

Bringing a bit of personal touch

If you are having trouble bringing a bit of personal touch and refinement to a small bathroom that might even be shaped differently, you might just be on the verge of finding out the solution. Have you ever heard of toile? This is part of an old fashion trend, coming straight from France, a wallpaper but made of actual fabric, of cotton to be more precise. Having incredible, romantic fabrics, coming in multiple colours, this is a detail that will bring great style to your bathroom. Because the space is small, the costs will not be difficult to cover.

Bringing nature within your home

It is very important to mix elements. You are trying to decorate a bathroom, but a nice idea would be to bring nature right into your home. It might sound a bit more complicated than it actually is. But here is an example of how to put this idea into practice, without overwhelming costs. Instead of regular bathroom floors, you could choose exterior floors that imitate rocks. You will notice that it is going to be an interesting change.