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The Clear Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

26 Oct Posted in Home Interior

These days, the vast majority of high-end architectural exterior lighting use LED light bulbs exclusively. However, there are still thousands of households up and down the country where exterior lighting systems are still using traditional incandescent bulbs or halogen lights. Given the fact that these will indeed get the job done, it’s natural to assume there’s no sense in making any real changes. But when you consider the incredible advantages of making the switch to LED lighting, it’s hard to argue it as anything other than a very worthwhile switch to make.

So with this in mind, here’s a quick roundup of just a few of the most important advantages of switching to LED lighting outdoors:

1. Long Life

First of all, LED bulbs last considerably longer than pretty much any other type of lighting currently available. While it’s normal to be forced to change standard bulbs on a regular basis, quality LED bulbs can last as long as 100,000 hours. This equates to somewhere in the region of 22 years of operation, assuming the bulbs are active for about half the time in every 24-hour period. So even when prices are slightly higher, the value for money on offer is truly unbeatable.

2. Energy Efficiency

What’s also uniquely beneficial about LED bulbs is how they use exponentially less energy than most other types of bulb. In fact, when compared to standard light bulbs, it takes up to 90% less energy to light an LED. Despite being able to produce vastly superior light to a normal bulb, an LED is so much cheaper to run, day in and day out. As such, installing dozens, even hundreds of bulbs around the garden does not have to mean OTT operating costs. Even when left in operation around the clock, energy costs are kept to minimums.

3. Strong and Sturdy

Something else to bear in mind is how when exposed to the elements outdoors, a standard bulb is much more likely to be damaged or destroyed than an LED. The way LEDs are manufactured makes them incredibly durable and hard-wearing – ideally suited to even the roughest outdoor conditions. From exposure to harsh weather conditions to impacts to falls and so on, LED bulbs are built to last.

4. Cool Runnings

Because they are so incredibly efficient, LEDs do not waste a great deal of energy on the product of heat. In fact, LED lights usually remain cool to the touch, even after being in operation for some time. Along with adding to outstanding energy savings, this also means much safer lighting units for the home and the family. The cooler the lighting units, the lower the likelihood of anyone being burned, or the unit itself causing a fire. The safety of quality LED lighting really is unrivalled.

5. Endless Options

These days, LED lights can be picked up in pretty much any shape, size, colour and specification imaginable. Which in turn means that no matter what type of garden you have or what your style preferences may be, the sky really is the limit when it comes to the options on the table. Keep things simple with a few strategic feature lights, or create the most wonderful landscaped effect across the whole garden. The only thing you’ll be limited by will be your own imagination!

6. Pure Versatility

As already mentioned, the fact that LED produce almost no significant heat whatsoever means that they can be used absolutely anywhere. In many instances, conventional bulbs would be unsuitable as the excessive heat they emit could cause damage to their surroundings. Worse still, they could pose a genuine fire hazard. With LED, there’s no such heat to worry about and therefore no such concerns to be mindful of. There’s even the option of battery-powered LED lighting, which means no hooking up to the main supply required.

7. Always Affordable

Last but not least, one of the biggest developments in LED technology over recent years is just how affordable such products have become. Though once prohibitively expensive for the average household, LEDs are now comprehensively affordable across the board. And as touched upon previously, when considering the long-term value for money you get from them, there’s really no better investment when it comes to home lighting – indoors and outdoors. Check out what’s on offer right now and you might just be surprised how affordable it can all be.



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