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The connection between sports and the development of personality      

20 Jun Posted in Family


Up until now the role of sports in the development of the personality of the child has been totally neglected. Physical activity is known to be beneficial for the body, but what many do not know is the fact that sending kids to sports centre Australia helps shape character in the same way that recognised factors such as entourage and personal experiences do. The present concern is the fact that many children do not get enough physical exercise as a result of the lack of knowledge of the advantages linked to practising sports. The question that many ask themselves is the following: to what extent does physical exercise influence our personality?

Emotional well-being

It is widely known that physical exercise gives anyone a sense of optimism and fulfilment. This is mainly the result of the fact that playing games involves a lot of team effort and each player contributes to the victory or the loss of the team. A team can be defined as a tight group or even a small community. Thus, each member develops identity within the group and collaboration is paramount for the fate of the game. In a team each player has his designated role and all must put in effort for the sake of all. As a natural consequence, the child learns what responsibility means and he is taught at the same time how set goals and which is the best way to achieve these goals.    The increase in the level of self-esteem is given by the development of a sense of competition that will ultimately force the player to upgrade his game. Apart from the functional aspect, ports are usually played in order to have a good time and enjoy yourself. By playing a game the person relieves a lot of frustration.

Self-management and communication competences

All ports focus on discipline. While talent is important in order to develop a good career, the lack of discipline can seriously affect both the outcome of the game and the performance of an individual player. Obtaining physical performance requires a lot of effort and sacrifice and mostly surpassing challenges that can appear out of the blue. This way, the child will acquire powerful problem-handling competences that he can use later on. Moreover, the constant interaction with teammates offers the occasion to practice social skills which in turn can be translated into a better mental state due to the fact that the child is influenced in point of social adaptability. The great numbers of teens who practice sports as a hobby are better at integrating themselves in groups and take an active part in social life instead of seeking comfort in technology. According to recent studies, those who actively pursue physical activity are able to better concentrate and to prioritize.

In conclusion, sports do not involve only physical training, but also psychological effort. This basically means that without realizing it the game actually demands our full attention and the competences that we acquire while playing are not useful only for achieving performance, but also for shaping character. The discipline and the rigorousness are definitely good for learning responsibility and playing games will certainly keep your mind alert.


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