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The evolution of mould testing methods

23 Sep Posted in Home Interior

Thorough and effective mould inspection is the first step towards mould removal and homeowners are strongly advised to hire a professional company to deal with this process, because visual inspection is too basic and superficial to provide an accurate report. More often than not, people see mould formations on walls, floors and other home surfaces, then ask a company to come and remove their findings, without knowing that mould could hide in out of reach areas, where the human eye cannot find it. Professional mould testing Toronto involves trained professionals and the use of specialised, state of the art inspection methods for air and surfaces. For best results, they should be used together.

Air lab testing

Since one of the most serious health threats caused by mould are respiratory problems, it is the responsibility of mould inspectors to take samples of indoor air and send it to a professional third party lab for testing. They will test it for traces of airborne particles such as spores, which could cause allergies and even more severe conditions in people with asthma and weakened immune systems. One of the biggest benefits of using lab testing is that they can detect other harmful agents other than fungi and you will find out if the air you breathe is safe or contaminated.


Mould inspection dogs

The fact that canines have an extremely sensitive sense of smell compared to humans is no longer a secret. This is why professional mould testing companies in Toronto arrive on the site with a trained dog which will lead them to areas affected by mould. One of the trickiest things when battling fungi is that they can be present in areas that look perfectly normal and pass visual inspection. By using a dog, companies cover large surfaces in small periods of time and provide unparalleled accuracy. If a dog points of a specific area, then they will have a closer look there with advanced equipment, which will be detailed below.


Infrared thermal imagining

As mentioned previously, mould can form in inaccessible areas and cause health problems without you knowing it. By using infrared thermal imagining, testers ensure that they check each and every corner of your house and no fungus remains unseen. If the mould dog points to a specific wall or surface, the inspector uses an infrared thermal camera to look at it. The camera shows information such as temperature and humidity level and can tell you if that area is vulnerable. Thus, a wall that seems perfectly clean and normal will be revealed as covered in mold on the inside if a thermal camera is used.


These three testing methods are not enough on their own and each has its shortcomings. For example, thermal imaging does not provide statistics on breathable air quality and in-lab air testing does not give information about the degree to which a wooden floor has been damaged. This is why, for best results, homeowners should work with a testing company that utilizes all three inspection methods.


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