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The Perfect Children’s Bedroom Decor

03 Jul Posted in Home Interior

When you think about decorating a kid’s room, the first thing that comes to your mind is fantasy. A children’s bedroom décor is inspired from the fantastic world of princes, princesses, fairy tale characters and the sweetness of childhood.
The perfect children bedroom is magical, bold, colorful, playful, and gives you the opportunity to create a space where kids can become whatever they want. Here are some ideas you can borrow to create the perfect bedroom for your child.

Embrace your kid’s personality

The children’s bedroom décor must resemble each child’s personality and tastes, depending on whether we’re talking about a boy or a girl. Discuss with your kid and find out what’s their favorite fantasy character, what colors they like and what special items they wish to have in their room. Have in mind their age and try to combine pieces of furniture that will be both attractive and useful for your child.

Choose practical and appropriate furniture

Create a personal space for the child. Select pieces of furniture that suit their size and will also be perfect for when they grow a little, so you don’t have to change them every year. Try to make furniture as practical as possible, like a closet door that folds out to become a desk or bunk beds if you have two children. A useful tip is that you can turn your kid’s baby bed into a chic sofa by removing one of it’s grates, or turn it it upside down to transform it into a writing desk. When you select the furniture, make sure you avoid rough edges that can hurt your child, or pieces that can break down on them.

Use playful colors and textures

The secret for a perfect children’s bedroom décor is to make it as colorful and joyful as possible. The color palette is unlimited, from white to red, pink, blue, yellow, orange, depending on the kid’s age and gender. You can even choose colored furniture and mix all kinds of suitable colors for the curtains, bed sheets and carpets. Nowadays you can find fabrics printed with fairytale princesses and action figure characters. The decorations are very important and must remain in the same childish area, so pick joyful items. Cheer up the room with a wall sticker or a funny lamp. The appliances must also match the children bedroom décor, such as an animal shaped air humidifier, that will keep a healthy level of humidity in the air, helping your child to breathe better, while also being a piece of decoration. They come in different colors and shapes, from cat to elephant or even famous cartoon characters. Though, you must be very careful when you place a humidifier in your child’s room. Don’t put it on the floor, don’t leave it plugged in when you are not using it, and make sure your child can’t reach it.

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