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The Pool: The Centerpiece of Your Backyard

16 Jul Posted in Garden

When saying home design, most people consider the actual house, completely forgetting about its surroundings, the front and backyard. The truth is that these spaces matter just as much in the overall design project. In the end, your efforts of having a beautifully decorated house in which you can feel relaxed will vanish if you should look out the window and see a shabby yard. So, do consider taking a real interest in this aspect and turning the yard into a real space of relaxation. Since summer has turned into a season with some rather high temperatures, why not have an in ground pool built? There are a lot of individuals who have decided for this idea, hiring dedicated companies like to handle the actual construction. Once the pool is ready to be used, you should concern yourself with the rest of the yard. Here are a few tips on how to turn any pool in the centerpiece of your design without overspending.

Keeping it simple

The best way to take care of your garden incorporating a beautifully constructed pool, while staying within the budget is by choosing a paved alley. Pave your way to the pool and around it. Place as many sunbeds as you might need and plant turf on the rest of your yard. By doing so, this space will look groomed, without having to over-complicate yourself, without overspending and most importantly, without spending large amounts of money. Still, if it seems too simple, you could always invest in a few great looking garden furniture pieces, preferably of wrought iron.

Futuristic design

Designs part of this category are not for everyone. It is important to connect the house with the backyard and the only way to achieve this goal is through design, through the pieces of furniture you decide to use. Only modern looking houses can try a futuristic backyard design. The pool should also have a similar design. Simple looking, without colorful tiles and having a geographical shape, this is how a futuristic pool looks like. Back yards of this kind do not accept vegetation. So, pave as much as your yard as possible. As for the furniture, you should choose rattan, as this fits perfectly in modern design and you have plenty of choices on the dedicated market.

Keep it clean

In order for your pool to look good at all times, you should buy a quality robotic pool cleaner. Read some automatic pool cleaner reviews on and decide on an efficient yet reasonably priced device, which will handle the unpleasant task of cleaning the pool all by itself. The latest robotic pool cleaners can even be programmed to clean the pool at certain times. After cleaning the pool, such a device will return to its charging station, without requiring any assistance from your part.

A romantic backyard

This is the most popular design there is, being appropriate for all types of houses, modern and traditional. The secret to this backyard design is to plant as many flowers and trees as you can, depending of course on the climate. It is true that when deciding for this alternative you will have bit more work on your hands as far as cleaning the pool is concerned. Even so, this disadvantage has not discouraged that many people to forget about this idea and go for something simpler. Wrought iron is the preferred type of furniture, but you can always choose wood pieces as well. Also, the pieces don’t have to match with each other. You could combine them, just to give your garden an interesting touch.

A pool can be a great investment and it could add a bit of glamour to any home. All you have to do is build a design around it to embellish your garden. For more interesting home and garden tips, visit, a comprehensive website, full of insightful tips that will help you improve your home and your overall life.

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