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Three front doors that will make your house look majestic

16 Dec Posted in Home Interior

The exterior of your house is definitely something you should not neglect. It plays an important role for the overall message your property transmits to passers-by and at some point, it can even boost the value of the real estate, in case you ever decide to sell it. Together with the space around the house and the garden, the front door is a key element for the appearance of your residence. While years ago, it was considered a mere entrance space, the front door is now way more important, especially from an aesthetic point of view. Nowadays, there are plenty of styles and designs you can choose from, and all these on a budget. If you collaborate with a company specialise din crating front doors Mississauga, you will be surprised by the great selection of options you have available, in terms of materials and styles. Here are three types of doors, listed according to the material they are made of, which will help you offer your house a majestic touch:

Wooden doors

Doors made of wood are the perfect choice for a traditional house, or even for a chalet situated at the mountain base. In spite of this, they are also an amazing option for urban residences, because they provide a high-end look to any property. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between many types of wood (such as oak, maple and pine) but remember that it has to be hardwood, since we are speaking about the front door. The material can be strained or painted in order to match the style of your house, so it has the benefit of being versatile. In addition to this, wood is way more convenient in terms of heating and maintenance, because it feels warmer and any scratch can be easily fixed.  However, you have to keep in mind that it requires regular maintenance, because the finish is likely to face due to weather conditions (sun, precipitations, wind and so on).


Fiberglass front doors

Fiberglass is an excellent choice for those who are trying to reach comfort without any effort and avoid maintenance operations. Unlike wood, the finish will not rot in time, which means that you will be able to enjoy your beautiful door as long as possible. What is more, you can rest assured that your entrance is a barrier between the inside and the outside, because fiberglass has an insulating value four times higher than wood. This will help you avoid heat loss and save more energy, especially during the cold season.


Steel doors

This type of doors seems to be quite popular among house owners, because it provides multiple benefits. To begin with, it has a good insulating value (somewhere between wood and fiberglass), which means it is also energy efficient. Furthermore, it requires less repair operations from your part, as long as it is properly maintained. Another great advantage of this material is that is offers you a quality similar to fiberglass doors, but will definitely cost you less.

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