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Unique Coffee Makers For Futuristic Kitchen Designs

07 Aug Posted in Kitchen

Today’s way of living involves technology at every step, and the designs of kitchens have never been more attractive and functional. Futuristic kitchens rely on space saving, multitasking devices, and incredible aspects. From fold-out kitchens to voice command appliances and counter tops that turn into stove tops at the touch of a button, the future of kitchen design is full of surprises.
When you first step foot in your kitchen in the morning, the coffee maker is the first item you touch, because nothing compares to a steaming hot cup of freshly grounded coffee. If you have decorated your kitchen in a futuristic style, you must find a type of coffee maker that matches the background. You have plenty of models to choose from, depending on the size you are looking for, the material it is made of, or the color pallet. Here are some examples of the most attractive, functional and eye-catching coffee makers.

Perfection comes with time

The Hourglass Coffee maker is the best way to get all the flavor from the coffee beans, but it takes 12 to 24 hours for the process to complete. It does not require electricity, you just have to mix ground beans and water and let them infuse. After that, you flip the Hourglass upside down and let the magic liquid drain.

Choose a variety of flavors

Nespresso Essenza D90 is a chic and clever device that perfectly fits in a futuristic kitchen. It uses a unique capsules system to obtain one cup of coffee at a time, making sure you enjoy the perfect espresso anytime. You can choose from different flavors such as Italian Ristretto, Finezzo or Latte Machiatto. The design is stylish, in smooth curves, available in fuchsia, silver and green.

Robotic design

IMO Coffee Maker is by far the most futuristic designed on the market that best fits a futuristic kitchen. It looks like a robotic arm that extends to offer you a hot cup of coffee. If it wasn’t for the little coffee cup icon on it, you would never guess its purpose in your kitchen. Being extendable gives this device the advantage of occupying little space, so it is perfect for small kitchens.

Fashion meets coffee maker

CafeSolo Coffee Maker is more of a carafe than a coffee maker, elegantly dressed in a stylish jacket that is meant to keep your coffee warm. No electricity is needed in the process of preparing the coffee, you just add hot water to the freshly grounded coffee beans and the filter funnel inside the carafe doesn’t allow ground particles to get to you. The jacket comes in different colors like black, red, green or brown.


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