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Useful Tips for the Weekly House Cleaning

15 Jun Posted in Home Interior

Everyone loves a spotless house, but no one likes the fact that a big amount of time goes into cleaning it every week, time that could be spent doing something fun and relaxing. If you want to improve the way you do the weekly house cleaning task, making it easier for you and less time-consuming at the same time, read the following lines to get some useful tips on this matter.

Get rid of the clutter

Before you actually start cleaning the entire house it’s better to first go from room to room and get rid of all the clutter. As you can imagine, clutter is inevitable in a household that has at least one child, because the small ones tend to throw their toys and clothes all over the place, leaving a mess behind them everyday. Also, dirty dishes, books, and many other things tend to get misplaced as well, and you have to first make sure that everything is back where it belongs.


You can’t get the job done fast if you take all the chores one by one and do them, because it’s inefficient. Instead of doing a task at a time, try multitasking to get everything done twice as fast.
While you’re in the bathroom sanitizing the sink and tub, you should put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and the dirty clothes in the washer. A great appliance that will help you a lot when cleaning, especially if you want to multitask is the robotic vacuum cleaner. By using a robotic vacuum cleaner you won’t have to vacuum yourself, because this innovative and intelligent gadget does it on its own, therefore you can attend to other household chores in the time it takes the robot to finish vacuuming. If you are interested in buying such a clever device, make sure to read more than one vacuum robot review, in order to be certain that you will choose a quality unit. When reading a vacuum robot review, look for smart features such as a navigation system, a long battery life, programmable options and so on.

Assign chores to finish faster

You shouldn’t allow your household members to leave you alone when you’re doing the weekly cleaning of the house, because they participate in doing the mess too, and there are no chores involved that a man or a child can’t do. Have your husband vacuum, do the dishes, and dust, the kids can take care of all the clutter and clean their rooms, while you clean the windows, the furniture, sanitize the sinks and the tub, and mop all the floors. Depending on how many members your household has, the weekly cleaning of the house will take a short time if they all pitch in compared to how much it would take if you were doing it alone.

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