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What Is The Best Type of Water Filter for Your Needs

18 Oct Posted in Kitchen

The water we drink is very important,given the fact that it helps us live and be healthy. Drinking dirty water can cause more harm than we think, so it is recommended that we use a water filter in order to purify the water we use. If the water you drink is not completely pure, you can use our help to discover the best type of water filter for your home.
If you suspect the water in your household is not clean and you observe little particles in it, or a bad odor, then you should consider buying a water filter. You can take a sample of the water you drink and perform a water quality indicator test to make sure your water does not contain bacteria, organic compounds, fluoride or high levels of chalk.

Right in the heart of the problem

There are many types of water filters available on the market, depending on the amount of water they filter or where you want to place them. The best type of water filer that purifies all the water that enters your house is called a whole house water filter. If you read some whole house water filters reviews, you will see that these filtration systems are installed at the main water pipe of your house and they filter the water before it reaches your taps. There are different types of whole house water filtering systems depending on the water problem you want to resolve: carbon based filters, sediment filters, iron filters, arsenic filters, chlorine filters, etc. The whole house water filter manages to clean the water you drink, the one you use for cooking, as well as the water that goes through your appliances. This water filter is the most expensive, due to the fact is covers all your water sources, but it can save you money in time. Nevertheless, if you carefully read the latest whole house water filters reviews, you will see that in the long run, these systems are the most convenient alternative and they will help you recuperate your initial investment in only a couple of years.

Water filters that are efficient and easy to instal

Countertop filters are the most practical and cost effective water purifiers, but require several hours to complete the filtration process, about 5 hours per gallon, and need electricity in order to work. They connect to your faucet through a thin hose and remove many contaminants such as chlorine, iron and bacterias.
Faucet filters are the easiest type of filter to install, because no plumbing and tools are needed and you simply attach them to your sink’s faucet. This easy installation feature may also be a disadvantage, because it points out that this type of filter is for limited usage and you have to change the filter every 3 months, which will mean high costs in the long run.
When looking for the best type of water filter, you should consider the under-the-sink water filters, which filter the water for the sink under which they are installed. They usually come with an additional faucet. This is of great use as unlike it goes with faucet filters, you don’t need to disconnect the filter when you want to use plain tap water and reconnect it when you need filter water. This type of filter lasts longer than faucet filters, so you can save money, and the installation is not very complicated due to the fact you only have to connect some wires. However, you will need to cut a hole in your counter or your sink for the extra faucet.

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