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What to do when you have a clogged drain

17 Mar Posted in Home Interior


Clogged drains are one of the most common household issues and they can happen when you least expect them. In fact, if your drain becomes clogged, it might not even be because the piping system is old or outdated. This is the leading cause, of course, but other factors also come into play. Drain unblocking London experts advice homeowners to take this issue very seriously and try to solve it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may lead to complications that are harder and more expensive to fix. As soon as you notice that you have a clogged drain, you should follow a few tips and tricks.


Remove electrical appliances

Most clogged drains occur in the bathroom or kitchen, where you probably have appliances running on electricity, such as washing machines, dishwashers and ovens. Keep in mind that once a drain becomes clogged, there is a high risk of flooding and you do not want water to get anywhere near electric appliances, because that could start a fire. Whether you plan on fixing the issue yourself or you call a professional plumber to deal with the issue, what you should do first is unplug electric appliances and keep them as far away from the source of water as possible.  


Do not use harsh chemical substances to remove the clog

In the age of quick DIY fixes, the Internet has a solution for just about any home problem, but that doesn’t mean you should do everything you read online. In particular, you should avoid any strong chemical substance that fixes clogs, because that is very dangerous in small, closed spaces. Even though the liquid could get rid of the clog, the air could become toxic and pose a health threat to you and your family. Needless to say, you could get burns or get poisoned.


Call a professional

Many homeowners try to unblock a drain themselves and only if they fail several times do they call a professional. This isn’t wrong, because the clog isn’t always that serious. However, if you do not manage to get rid of the problem by using baking soda and vinegar, you shouldn’t try anything else, because the drain most likely needs a professional. Calling a specialised drain unlocking company will help you fix the problem faster and avoid unpleasant complications such as floods or property damage.