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What to submit to your lawyer in the case of a car accident

24 Apr Posted in Family

If you have been the victim of a car accident and you have decided to hire one of the personal injury lawyers Ottawa has to offer, the more complete the information you offer him is, the better he will be able to represent you and thus obtain a higher compensation for your pain and suffering. To this extent, to make sure your case will not be delayed by anything, this is the documentation and information you need to prepare(check also

Details of your accident

From the date when it happened to the exact location, everything will make a difference. If you managed to take any pictures of the accident they will be very handy in the court of law. In addition, you should make a note on the weather conditions present when the accident happened as well as any information you can gather about the vehicles involved in the accidents and the passengers that were present. Get the names and contact information of any by standing witnesses, because they are the ones who can help you obtain the rightful compensation.


Medical file

This should include the physician report that was made at the scene of the accident as well as at the hospital, any X-rays that were taken afterwards and anything else related to this accident. You should also inform your lawyer if you had any preexisting medical conditions that may have worsen because of the accident as well as all the expenses that gathered with the medical treatment and possible therapies you had to addend because of the accident.


Insurance and work documentation

You should communicate your lawyer your insurance number and offer him copies of any correspondence you may have had with your insurance providers. This will offer him a better idea of your situation and thus help him create a better strategy for your case. As far as work documentation goes, you should keep a record of all the hours and days you lost because of the accident and thus the financial problems that derived from this situation.


This is the information that you should gather for your lawyer, as it will help him offer you a better representation. Even though it might seem like too much to keep a track of at first, it might help if you kept some notes after the accident with all this information. The medical records can be easily obtained from your hospital, so you can rest assured that anything can be obtained.


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