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What you have to know before installing mezzanine floors

12 May Posted in Family

When people start out a company, they usually do it in a small space, and as their business grows, they see that they need more space for their offices, and inventory. However, sometimes even if their business starts to grow, they are not able to move in a bigger space, or pay a bigger rent. In this case, the best option is to try to maximise the available space, and to do this they have to install mezzanine floors. Many of them understand the advantages brought by them from the beginning but they do not know what the process of mezzanine floor construction implies.

What to consider before purchasing them

The first thing you have to know is that mezzanine floors come in many sizes and shapes, because manufacturers want to meet the various needs of their clients. However, they have in common one aspect, they are designed and fabricated in accordance with safety terms, and this will assure you that they meet the requirements for building regulations. You as employer are responsible for the safety and health of your workers, and if they spend a lot of time on mezzanine floors, you should take into consideration the potential threats and risks to their welfare. In this situation the company that will provide you the mezzanine floors, will take care to install edge protection, as protective handrails on the exposed edges of the floors. Therefore, you should talk with the company you plan to collaborate and ask their advice.

What the installing process implies

Also, you have to know that there will be made some changes to your space, but often you do not need any planning permission, unless you have to do some internal changes, and the floors are bigger than 200m². You should not have the wrong impression that the process of installing them is a complex one, because they are quite easy to install, if you contract an experienced company. They first thing you should do is to prepare the space, because you have to have a space where to place the materials. When the team will arrive at your location, they will add the steel frame first, and after they are sure that it is firmly secured, they will start installing the heavy duty decking. It will offer you a load-bearing surface where you can place your goods, or install your offices. You should know that it is designed to be very durable. In addition, you have the option of adding fire protection to the side underneath the floors. It will protect your warehouse from fire. When the installation process is over you can paint it in a coating that will ease the process of cleaning in the future. This will prove very useful because it will allow you to reduce the amount of maintenance in the future, and you will save extra money. Depending on your needs, the provider will advise you to choose particular features for the floors.

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