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Why is interior design so complex?

29 Oct Posted in Home Interior

Although at first glance, decorating a room seems to be something fun and easy to do, things get more complicated if you take into consideration all the different factors involved in the process. If you are remodelling your own house, then creating a cohesive, stylish interior will definitely become a challenge, because it also has to be representative for your personality, passions and life style. Most people believe that interior design is all about matching colours, understanding styles and purchasing stuff on a budget, but this is not true. The key is to manage to combine all these elements and still get a neat result. If you start a redecoration project, it is important to collaborate with a professional designer who knows how to work with all these aspects, so that you can actually get the house you have been dreaming about. Here are the main things one needs to keep in mind for a successful project:

The overall architecture and style of the property

If you have purchased a traditional Victorian house and now you are thinking about transforming it into a contemporary establishment, chances are that this is impossible. Each style and type of architecture has its own particularities, so if you want to decorate the interior, then you will have to continue on the note established by the builder. In case you really like modern furniture and minimalist interiors, then you should not buy a traditional house in the first place. However, if that is not possible, then you will need to use the services of an expert, who has all the knowledge and skills to bring different them together, without styles conflicting.


The budget you are willing to spend

It is normal to want to have the best decorations and furniture in your house, but unfortunately, sometimes this is not possible because of costs. When you start an interior design project, your choices will be influenced by the budget you have available. This does not mean that you have to make poor decisions, since you risk ending up having a tacky house. Instead, you can look for the best offers on the market and replace expensive items such as couches or armchairs with Eames rocking chair replica. These have a great design and reach the highest standards of quality, while also helping you cope with your budget restrictions. An experienced designer will be able to help you respect your budget and combine the items, so that you can get the style and atmosphere you want.


Your life style and personality

The personality of the inhabitants of a house plays an important role in the interior design they choose. Even if you are planning to change the furniture and decorations, you should pay attention to your existing pieces, because these offer a lot of clues about how the rooms should look in the end. The current design indicates the main direction in terms of colour scheme and atmosphere, which means that you should stay on the same page, unless you want a dramatic change.

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