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Why it pays to opt for chrome shelving

14 Sep Posted in Home Interior

It is commonly known that there are numerous types of shelving systems available on the market, as well as numerous companies that provide such products, but one of the most popular choices, especially in the food industry is the chrome wire shelving. It is a great solution for shop owners who have limited budget to spend on shelving systems, since these chrome shelving units are not so expensive and they do not look cheap either. Here are the main benefits that come with going for chrome shelving instead of other racking system.

Dust build-up is reduced

One of the many advantages of using chrome shelves instead of conventional ones is the fact that dust build-up is significantly reduced. It is commonly known that dust settles on stationary objects, especially if they are not handled several years. When it comes to food or health industries, this aspect can be quite a problem, since dust can affect the quality of those products. However, if you use chrome shelves, the problem is minimized, because of the discontinuous surface the units have.

It is easy to clean and wash

Another great advantage of these non-solid decking surfaces is the fact that they are a lot easier to clean, not to mention that chrome wire is more resistant to water and other liquids compared to other types of surfaces such as wood. Simply by spraying down the shelved with a hose you will get them clean as new, so you do not have to spend a great deal of time on these activities.

It does not block the lighting in any way

It is commonly known that those conventional shelves that have solid decking surfaces tend to block the lighting from reaching the products placed on the shelves. Believe it or not, this can be a serious problem to personnel who is trying to locate specific items stored on the shelves that cannot be seen due to the fact that they are placed in some dark spots. This type of shelving system has gaps, which allow the light source to come through and make all items stored on the shelves visible.

 It does not block air circulation

Another important aspect to keep in mind related to chrome wire shelving is that it allows for better air circulation. In food industry, making sure that products are stored in proper locations where there is optimal air circulation is highly important, because otherwise it can affect the quality of the products.

It is more durable

You should know that chrome wire shelving systems are among the most durable ones on the market, due to its sturdy materials. You do not have to worry about parts that can deteriorate due to being repeatedly used or about routine maintenance in order to prevent it from falling apart. You should know these units are able to support heavy loads without affecting their structural integrity in any way.

As you can see, these are only some of the most important benefits that come with choosing chrome shelving for your warehouse.

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