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Why you should get a heat lamp for outdoors

26 Aug Posted in Garden

Spending some time outdoors is essential for the health of your mind, body and spirit. Yet, when the nights start to chill, it is nearly impossible to be in open air. Or is it? With an outdoor heat lamp, you will get the chance to finally enjoy the patio and the back yard during colder months. A Heatsail outdoor dome heat lamp is specifically made to make your stay more than adequate. Even if you are in an area that is covered in snow, you will still be able to take advantage of the external space. Patio heaters allow you to stay warm year round, so you do not have to worry that you will not be able to host gatherings with friends and family during the colder months. If you are not yet convinced that you should buy an outdoor freestanding unit for your patio, take into account the following benefits.

Enjoying the outdoors without having to suffer

There is no doubt that the patio is the ideal place to have friends over, but the cold will make your stay unbearable. The great thing is that you do not necessarily have to move indoors once the fall sets in. All you have to do is invest in a heat lamp. It is powerful, so you can use it for large groups of people. What is more, a convector for out-of-doors has several temperature settings, which means that you can turn up the temperature of the thermostat in order to make the space warmer. The point is that you will not need blankets when sitting on the patio since the device provides sufficient warmth.

Making energy savings

Homeowners avoid heat lamps out of the belief that they consume a great amount of energy and they will consequently have higher bills. The truth is, however, that the heating system is energy efficient. Exterior convectors have a low energy consumption, so they are not a luxury to keep. You will not waste energy warming the surroundings. On the contrary, an exterior heater consumes less compared to a radiator. When comparing the running costs to using a radiator, you will see that an exterior lamp is cost-effective and can reduce energy bills.

Safe to use

You will be grateful to learn that heat lamps for outdoors are safe to operate. They feature an on and off button, having these functions in order to eliminate the risk of fire. Exterior lamps are cold to the touch, which means that they can be touched. Therefore, you can be sure that if your children or your pets get close to the source of warmth, nothing bad will happen. However, there is one part that gets warm and that is the emitter located at the top of the dome. If you are still afraid that family members will get hurt following the contact with the freestanding unit, look for one that switches off automatically after a certain period of time.

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